Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Day 26

After saying that I'd update Bran's measurements once a week, I've not done it since. Doh!

So here are his measurements after a 2 week break and on the day he turns 18 weeks:

Neck: 13 1/2"

Back: 21"

Shoulder: 14"

Weight: 13kgs

Bran's very mean Auntie Wendy has given him the new nickname of Biffer!

He has no puppy fur left anywhere now - even the last little bit on his ears has morphed into grown up dog fur :o( The time has gone so quickly...

Monday, 1 September 2008

Day 24

Bran's been enjoying going out for his daily walks and it is certainly tiring him out! He's done brilliantly at meeting lots of new dogs and people and is still totally unfazed by it all.

I've recently adjusted his food levels and he's started growing quickly again. Just to illustrate, I took this photo this morning..........

He's not much smaller than Flora any more!!