Sunday, 12 October 2008

We met the House of Bejo!

On Thursday we went for a very lovely walk at Coate Water Park with Cheryl, Georgia, Ella, Lizzie and Henryno.

Flora did her usual trick of screaming like a banshee whilst still secured in the car and being onlead until we got to the safe offlead area. Bran just seemed a bit overwhelmed by it all and trotted along like a good boy.

The 4 big dogs (for reporting purposes, we'll class Henryno as a big dog even though he is really a little dog although he is nearly 5 months older than Bran!) had a fantastic time racing in and out of water and mud and long grass and trees and barking (Flora and Henry). Bran seemed to have a lovely time too and did lots of sniffing and pottering but refused to go in the water further than dipping his delicate ickle toes in. He seems to have missed the point of being a labrador!! He had a little chase after the others every now and again, but would then come back to his mummy.

Flora, Lizzie, Henryno and Bran
Muddy Lizzie 2 seconds after arrival

Big dogs racing through the grass

Bran walking nicely with Sophie

Getting a helping hand

Family racing!

Bran very bravely keeping well away from the water
Henry sneaking a sneaky sniff!
Lovely Lizzie
Enchanting Ella

Handsome Henryno

Gorgeous Georgia

Ickle Pickle