Saturday, 1 November 2008

A Big Catch-Up

Oooh I have been *very* rubbish at keeping this up to date. We have been a very very busy family so I'll try my best to get you up to date with what's been happening here....

Wednesday 15th October - We went for another walk with friends to a lovely place called Barton Farm Country Park in Bradford-on-Avon. We went with Wendy, Wiggle and Sir H and also met up with Ange and the very beautiful Minnie-Moo for the first time. There was a lovely river for the dogs to play in - Bran was very brave with the water this time and had great fun splashing with the others. Flora decided to be very stupid and threw herself in at a point where she couldn't get out by herself so I needed to lie in the mud to pull her out. Bran very helpfully sat very close to my head so that I couldn't get up easily after pulling her out so I very nearly ended up in the river myself!! We walked through lots of fields and eventually came to a lovely pub called The Cross Guns. We (people) sat outside and ate chips and drank coffee and hot chocolate whilst the dogs sat very quietly, looking cute and trying to beg chips. We walked back along the canal together before collecting yummy cakes from Wendy and heading home.

Auntie Wendy tried to drown Bran!

My babies

Spot the difference to the above photo

Watch out! Here comes trouble!!

Abandoned Puppy!


Sir Henery being a hippo

Me and Ange and Wendy with dogs

Flora and her beloved Wiggle

Sir Henery does running :oO

Patiently waiting

Sophie and her bestest friend

Friday 17th October - Our Kevin cat was put to sleep :o( Kevin was an indoor cat and Bran used to have lots of fun standing behind the stairgate and barking at poor Kev, who would sit and stare disdainfully at the dogs and smack them on their faces if they came too close to the gate when he was sitting on the other side of it! We all miss him lots xx

Sunday 19th October - We went on yet another big walk with lots of friends at Brean Sands. It was Bran's first visit to the beach and he loved it! He seemed to be a little bit overwhelmed by the number of people there so stayed very close to his mummy, but he splashed in the sea, chased Flora and said hello to everybody there. He was very very cold, wet and tired at the end of the walk so was quite pleased to see me produce a fleece coat for him to wear on the way home.

Sophie "walking" Morse

Excellent heelwork, that puppy!

My family (minus one 2-legged boy)

Daisy and Duncan

Snoozing and snuggly

Sophie "walking" Morse again

Me and Andrea with our dogs

Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd October - I took the children to visit friends up in Cheshire/Staffordshire (including a fantastic day at Alton Towers!!) so Bran and Flora had a little holiday at a very special place called Nanny's House. Bran had never been away from us before so I worried lots about how he would be, but Nanny reported that they were both very very good and they were certainly thrilled to see us when we got home (well, me and Sophie anyway as Jacob stayed up North with our friends)!! Strangely, Bran has become much more cuddly since we've returned and whereas before we went he would only get up onto the sofa if at least half of it was free, he will now squish up into the smallest spaces xx

Saturday 25th - Monday 27th October - Our friends Jenny and Bethany came to stay for the weekend. They hadn't met Bran before but Jenny already loves Flora and always calls her Big Dog! Bran was very pleased to have extra people in the house as that inevitably means extra attention!! When they left on Monday evening, Sophie went with them and so me and the dogs are all on our own for a whole week!!

Tuesday 28th October - I had to leave the dogs to go out and do shopping on the afternoon, but I took them to Nanny's House for us all to have tea in the evening. They both adore my dad and so gave Grumpy lots of kisses and cuddles.

Wednesday 29th October - We went to visit Wendy, Wiggle and Sir H "in residence". Bran and Flora paid no heed to the fact that they weren't at home and that Bran had never visited Wendy's house before and played as comfortably and as madly as if they had been at home!! Poor old Henery and Wiggle just looked on in bemusement! We then took all of the dogs out for a lovely walk on the Marlborough Downs. We walked through the woods so there was lots of sniffing to be done and they all had a really lovely run.

Flora looking gorgeous

Running like the wind!

Bran looking very handsome

Bran and Wiggle

Very attractive Autumnal foursome

Having fun

The very gorgeous Wiggle showing just how much better he is since going to live with his new mummy

Doggy Mix-Up!

Flora and Bran do running

Flora and Wiggle do running!

Thursday 30th October - Mr Branston Beans was officially 6 months old. I spent most of the day saying "HOW???" or "WHEN???". I can't believe it. 6 months!!!

Friday 31st October - Halloween for Bran started with his 6 month health check at the vets. We walked through the park where 2 not very nice jack russells kept running up and snapping at him :o( Bless my brave little boy who didn't pay them any attention at all.

When we arrived at the vets, Bran entertained himself by playbowing and enticingly barking at a 16 year old westie who was really above such things and a very old labrador who couldn't even stand up. And then he improved when in walked a man with a 5 month old staffie! They had a lovely, loud play until Bran was called in to see the vet. She was very impressed with him and wanted to take him home :oD She said that he was fit, healthy and perfect. He weighed in at 22kgs and she was pleased that he is so in proportion given the lab tendency to gain weight.

I then went shopping in the afternoon with my friend Sarah and baby Sam for a while and so to make up for leaving the dogs on their own, I snuggled on the sofa with them all evening and sharing yummies with them. I even slept on the sofa so that they wouldn't be on their own all night and Bran wouldn't need to go into his crate again. Spoiled? My dogs?? Never!! ;o)