Monday, 16 February 2009

A Hup-Date

Oooh hello! I haven't been here for a long time again - sorry!! Lots of exciting and rubbish things have been happening and I forgot to tell you all about them.

First of all, we got a new car! Yay! Mummy bought it from one of her doggy friends which meant that it smelled heavenly. I know that the nice lady cleaned it before me and Flora got to ride in it,  but we could still smell that fabulous smell of Other Dogs. It made me like the car straight away. It made me like it enough that I couldn't wait to go for a ride in it so I made a great big mistake and forgot that I make Mummy lift me into the car and jumped in all by myself as soon as she said "hup". Oops. And now she refuses to lift me in ever! But it's sort of ok because I love being in it.

And then something terrible happened to the garden! My tunnel is gone. Alright. It wasn't much of a tunnel yet, but I'd made a really good start on it and had a great big hole. But now there is a big square stone over it  :o(  I've looked really hard but I can't find anyway around it. It's not fair! I think that Mummy had something to do with the stone appearing so I have decided to get my own back by chewing up the little fences that she planted  ;o)

Ooh there was lots of white stuff!! Did you have the snow stuff? It was fabulous and tasted soooo yummy. When we went to the park I didn't even want to play with my ball because the kids kept making me special balls made out of the snow stuff. They were much more fun, but they kept disappearing when they landed. Mummy took some photos of me playing with the snow stuff but said that the white dots made me look like a "reverse dalmatian". Silly Mummy.

We've been for lots of rides in our new car. We even went on a great big ride where I seemed to be in the car for aggggggggggggggggges. When the car stopped, we were at Nina's house!! I haven't seen Nina for a long time and she was very surprised to see how much I've grown. She has 2 tiny little dogs called Ricky and Charlie but they are both old and don't play much. That didn't stop me trying to make them play though! I chased around their house and tried to make them get off of the sofa and chase me, but they just looked at me like I was a bit stupid. How very rood. Flora did not come to Nina's with us. She stayed at Nanny's house for a little holiday. I don't know why she didn't come, but I missed her lots. 

My mummy has been a bit sad lately. I give her lots of kisses when she looks sad and that makes her smile again. I don't know why she's sad but I think that it might be something to do with why Flora didn't come to Nina's house. Flora's not allowed to come out with me for walks any more and she doesn't like to play much now. When she does play with me, sometimes she cries and has to have a big sleep afterwards. I keep hearing the word "hopperayshun" but I don't know what that means and sometimes Mummy says that I might have to stop sleeping in my crate at night because Flora is going to need it to get better in. I know that she is not feeling right at the moment, so I am being a very good brother and looking after her.

Mummy note: Flora has severe hip dysplasia which has been under control for the last 9 months or so, but there's been a relapse over the last few months and she's now waiting to see a specialist to see if she's a viable candidate for a total hip replacement op.