Thursday, 2 April 2009

So Rubbish/Lazy!

My mummy has decided that she can't manage to keep up with 2 blogs at once so she is only keeping Orca the Porker's up to date because he is only here for a few weeks whilst I am here forever.

Fortunately, she has done a very good job of letting all of my fans know just what I've been up to as well as Orca the Porker  ;o)

I'm very sorry if you've been waiting for updates, but you're just going to have read about our adventures on the smelly puppy's blog.

(He is a bit lovely actually and I will miss him lots when Auntie Fi takes him home. He is very norty and we have had lots of fun! Mummy says that he will go home at the end of next week because Flora is having her hopperayshun on Wednesday and Aunti Fi is coming to stay for a few days to help when Flora comes back home, and then she will take Little Stinker back with her.)