Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Day 60

I can hardly believe that my little Pickle has been here for nearly 2 whole months! It feel like 2 minutes...

Bran has had the excitement of getting used to the car because it is finally back on the road - woohoo!!! Unfortunately, the boot is too high up for him to jump into so he is needing help in and out. Given his current weight, I may be employing the use of the dog ramp again.

He's been to visit Nanny's house a few more times and has decided that he absolutely loves it there. He is a very good boy and does not go up the stairs, even though there is no stairgate blocking his path to adventures. He loves that Nanny has carpet instead of slip-slidey laminate because he can get a proper grip when launching himself at Flora!! They race around practically non-stop when we are there.

We had a rather norty few days a little while back. Unfortunately, I had no photographic evidence of Flora standing on the patio table or Bran dragging plants through the house on the first day, but caught them bang to rights on the second day!

What the day started with the arrival of - bleurgh!!

Norty digger

Norty Chewer

Plant Knock Overers

My little angels :o)

My little devils >:o(
2 seconds later - wrestling in the vines!

Yesterday, Bran got to meet a tiny baby for the first time. The baby in question was my best friend's month old little darling, Sam. Bran has met Sam's older brother, Zack, a few times now but Sam was a new visitor. He wasn't bothered at all, but Flora thought that he was the best thing since sliced bread!!

Auntie Loobie also came to visit yesterday and brought Bran a lovely surprise - a bigger crate! His "old" crate was 2 1/2 foot long but he'd got to a point where if he stood with his nose at one end and his tail straight, it touched the other end!! The new crate is 4 foot long so gives him a bit of growing space, although it is almost half the size of our lounge!!! Auntie Loobie was just a little bit stunned at how much Bran has grown since she last saw him, I think. I took some measurements a couple of days ago and these were:

Neck: 16"

Height to shoulder: 16"

Neck to tail: 23"

Weight: 19.2kgs
So he's now just 2 inches shorter in height than Flora and just 4 inches shorter in length. He's gained another 4.2kgs in just over 2 weeks and is just 6kgs short of Flora's weight!!!

Auntie Fi has come for a visit today and unbeknownst to Bran she is going to be inflicting pain shortly. Mwahahaha!! Actually. He's going to be microchipped at long last :o) That'll save my mum panicking quite so much when he bolts for the front door as she arrives!!
He has some *very* exciting times lined up over the next few weeks! On Thursday we are going to meet my friend Cheryl and her little girl Georgia for a walk with their 3 dogs for the first time. Next week we are going for a walk with Auntie Wendy, Wiggle and Sir H, my friend Ange and the famous Minnie-Moo and my friend Helen (gundog training guru!) with her lab boys Bert and Barney. And then.......we're going for a group walk at Brean with lots of our friends from The Refuge: http://www.rykat.org/forums/index.php?act=idx next Sunday. The children and I are then going away for a few days and Flora and Bran are going for a short holiday to Nanny's house!!! Bran's going to be a social butterfly!

A rare moment of peaceful togetherness

The more normal moment of togetherness

My very handsome little man