Monday, 2 March 2009

Orca Update

We've got lots of photos of my little puppy friend Orca who was born back in January so we thought that you might like to see how he is growing up. I haven't met him yet but Mummy says that I will do very soon! Auntie Fi says that he is a very naughty boy so we should get on like a house on fire. What does she mean??

Orca when he was first born on 8th January

1 week old

10 days old

2 weeks old 
(I think this might have been a set up! Such a little puppy couldn't be so naughty, could they??)

3 weeks old

4 weeks old 
(he looks like a real dog but in tiny!)

6 weeks old
(doesn't he have very handsome eyes??)

At 6 weeks old, Auntie Fi weighed him again and he was 3.5kgs! I was 6 kgs when I was 14 weeks old and everybody thought that I was a big boy - I think Orca is going to be even bigger than me!! 

He is starting to eat big boy food now and isn't drinking so much of his mummy's milk, because he's 7 weeks old now. That means that his beautiful mummy, Katie, will be looking for a very special home of her very own soon. He has had the first of those horrible injection things and soon he'll be able to go out and play with all of the other dogs at the Barn.

I can't wait to meet him. I know lots of things that I can teach him. I'm sure Auntie Fi would like that  ;o)

The Bran Stuff

Oopsy! Left it a long time again!

It's not been lots of fun at my house  :o(  Flora has been really poorly and had to go to hospital for 2 days last week. Me and the kids went to Nanny's house while Mummy and Auntie Fi took Flora to the hospital. She didn't come home on the night time because they had to take photos of her baddy hips. When she did come home she was very very tired and a bit grumpy. Poor Flora looked very sad.

As promised, Mummy has kicked me out of the crate which I don't really mind because I am a big boy now and very good at sleeping in the lounge by myself. It means I get to spread out on the sofa allllllllllllllllllll night. Although, the crate is looking sooooo comfy now that I'm not sure whether I've made the right decision. Mummy has put duvets around the sides so that Flora's legs don't hurt if she leans against the side and there is a super squishy bed in the bottom of it!! As soon as Mummy had finished putting it altogether, Flora was allowed to try it out - but me and Sophie sneaked in too! Flora wasn't very impressed though  ;o)

When Sophie got out there was a bit more room for me and Flora to stretch out. 

Mummy says that I am a silly boy because after we've had our last wees at bedtime, she always gives us a chewy to take to bed with us and both me and Flora grab our chewies and race into the crate together! Pah. Then Mummy comes and tells me to get out.

Lots of things have changed here because of Flora's baddy legs. There is lots of stuff on the floors so that it isn't slidey any more. It's nowhere near as much fun now that I can't skid down the hallway and into the kitchen! But Flora is happier. 

And Nina and Stew and Tom came the other day to bring the kids home after their holiday and clever Stew made a special ramp for Flora that goes over our back door steps. I usually just jump straight over it but Flora uses it to go into the garden nearly every time.

Mummy says that Flora will be having her hopperayshun soon and then she will not be able to play with me at all as she will be very poorly and have to be extra specially careful not to hurt her legs. Before she has her hopperayshun though, Mummy says that somebody will be coming to our house who will be able to play and play and play with me until I can't play anymore. I am very excited but don't know who it is!!

I was in Serious Trouble the other day. I made Sophie cry and Mummy told me off. I don't think it's so much fun being a norty puppy any more  :o(  Auntie Sarah and Zack and baby Sam came to visit and I played with them and then slept like a good boy, but then they went shopping and left me on my own when I hadn't been to the park for a walk and I lost my chewy under the chair so I found something else to play with instead. There were some lovely squishy toys on the windowsill that smelled just like Sophie so I played with them. When Sophie came home and saw that I had eaten her Sandy's special sparkly harness and chewed a hole in Sandy's face and took Sandy's nose off, she cried a lot  :o(  Apparently, she's had Sandy (a yellow labrador toy) since she was a very little girl and nothing bad has ever happened to her before so she was very sad with me. Mummy was cross with me first of all, but then she explained to Sophie that Sandy should really have been left somewhere that I couldn't reach and she also apologised to me because I would have been a good boy and gone to sleep if I'd been to the park. I don't think I'll play with any more of the toys that smell like Sophie!

Mummy has been taking me to the park lots and lots since the Sandy incident though. Lots of times, I go with my friend Cooper. He is white and black and is a terrier and he lives just 2 houses away from me. He is just a little bit younger than me and used to be a naughty boy who used to try and get me to have his puppies!! I have been trying to teach him how to play nicely with everybody and he is lots of fun now. I like it when we go to the park together. We play chase with the ball and we wrestle and we play with all of the other dogs. Our mummies smile and tell us what very good boys we are.

A little while ago, a very lovely lady who my mummy calls Auntie Verity sent me some presents. Presents! Just for me! She had sent Flora some pyjamas too which have helped to keep her baddy legs warm but she didn't want me to be left out. For the first time, I learned what fun it is to open presents all by myself! I had toys and treats and Auntie Verity said that I had to share them with Flora. Humph. Well. I shared the treats with Flora but the toys were so cool!! I was a little bit greedy...

I did let Flora put her paw on one of MY new toys when Mummy told me to stop being mean...

While "we" were playing with the new toys, Mummy made a discovery in the hallway. I think this photo is called Aftermath of a Puppy Lesson...

I know that the snow was here quite a long time ago now, but Mummy has only just put the photos from the camera on to the computer. So here are some photos of me playing in the snow...