Sunday, 17 May 2009

Ahhhh..... Saturdays......

I did something new today!!

I went out in the car with Mummy and she said we were going to get fuel for the car. So we went to the place we normally go to get the fuel. As usual, she got out of the car, put the thing into the hole on the side of the car and blew kisses to me, then went in the shop to pay the lady.

Then she got back into the car and we headed home.

But we didn't go home!

Instead we drove into this reallllllllllllllllllllllly strange place. It was like a giant see through plastic room with these great big red fluffy things. Then it made a funny noise like "kerchunk" and the big red fluffy things started moving towards us! I shouted and shouted at them to get away from my car but they just kept coming and then they went "swooshswooshswooshswoosh" and went all over the car and left bubbles on the window!!! The big red things came right over the car and down the window by my bit of the car. By then, I knew that they weren't going to hurt us so I just sat and watched them. When they came back up over the windows, they washed all the bubbles away but kept making the "swooshswooshswooshswoosh" noise.

And then the noises stopped and Mummy drove the car home.

When we got home and I got out of the car, it was all sparkly and shiny!! How very odd!!

I told Flora and Hugo all about the strange machine and they laughed at me! Humph.

Everybody went out for a bit this afternoon because Hugo had to go to the vets again about his cough, but when they came back Mummy took me to the park and Pauline and Cooper and a little boy who was staying with them.

Me and Cooper did running and running and running and running all over the wet grass and we rolled and rolled and Cooper had a great new harness thing on his back so when we wrestled I could grab him by it and we found some plastic bottles to play with and we did more running and running and running and then I was very tired so Mummy took me home.

And I fell fast asleep......

Friday, 15 May 2009

Belated Birthday Cake

The promise of yummy food last night sort of came through. We got more of the delicious rabbit and vegetable food that Mummy cooked for us the other night.

And because I was the Birthday Boy I was allowed to sleep upstairs! Sophie was sleeping on the sofa under Mummy's bed (Mummy has a very tall bed!) and I slept on the sofa with Sophie! What a very special day I had  :o)

When it was breakfast time today, Mummy said that she had forgotten to give me my cake last night because she was busy working. I didn't really know what she was talking about but OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I soon found out!!! 

Just look what she'd made for me!!!!!!!!!!

And then, even better, I got to eat it all up!!!!!!!!

I cleaned the plate right up and made it all shiny! 

It was soooooooooooo delicious.

Being such a very kind and sharing sort of brother, I let Flora and Hugo have some of my special cake.

Now I know that birthdays are even better than I thought they were yesterday!!!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I Am A Birthday Boy :oD

Mummy was not telling me fibbers about today being another exciting day!! It is my birthday! Today I am not a puppy any more but a proper growed up dog. I am one whole year old.

First of all, Mummy sang me a very lovely song before I went out for a wee. I like it when she sings to me and this song had my name in it. Isn't she a clever Mummy to know a song with MY name in it????

After I had had a wee, I had the most delicious breakfast ever! I had chicken and bacon and pasta and sweetcorn and spam! What a fantastic start to the day!

And then Jacob got up and he sang me the song that Mummy knew! And then Sophie got up and she sang me the song as well. I like all this singing, it makes me want to dance! 

Something very very exciting happened next. I got presents! Two presents that were just for me and nobody else. I love opening presents so I did some more dancing about with the presents, before I started to unwrap them.

A honky duck! Ooh I love honky ducks. We had a honky duck for Christmas but........ermmmm ......well............something bad happened to it. I can't remember what but I'm sure that it was nothing to do with me.

I put my honky duck safe and then opened my other present. This one made all sorts of interesting noises. Noises like my favourite Womble Prize - plastic bottles!

It is a verrrrrrrrrrry lovely toy and I love it love it love it. I am a bit confused because it still makes a noise like bottles but it looks like a cat and has lots of legs, but I have decided to ignore the confusing bits just because I love it's noise sooooooooo much  :o)

That cheeky little whippersnapper decided to try and muscle in on my new toys  >:o(  I realised that if he holds on to my new bottle toy, I can swing it up in the car and the whippersnapper's feet come right off the floor. Haaaaaahahahaha! He looks so silly. But it doesn't make him let go.

I took my toy to hide from him on the sofa where I could keep it safe from his sharp little teeth.

But I was kind and let him play with honky duck while I was busy with the bottle toy.

I got fed up with that though and decided it was time to give honky duck a bit more attention but there was NO WAY that he was having the bottle toy, so I kept both toys safe from him!

After opening my presents, a little snooze was in order.

After my snooze, Mummy took me to the park. It was raining but I didn't care because she had my bally with her  :o)  Even better than bally, when we got round the corner my friend Pickle was there! She is a very beautiful labradoodle and I think that I might love her a little bit  ;o)  Next time I see her, I am going to ask her to be my girlfriend. She is a bit older than me, but a bit smaller than me, but as fast as me and loves chasing balls as much as me. She is also very clever because she could hold her bally and my bally in her mouth at the same time!! 

When we were both very wet and very muddy and very tired from chasing and wrestling and rolling, Mummy took me to the post office and when we came back through the park, Pickle was gone  :o(  I was getting a bit soggy by then so I didn't mind when we hurried up home.

I had a very lovely rub down with the towel and I didn't have to wait for anybody to go before me because I was the only one lucky enough to have got so wet  :o)  I love it when Mummy rubs me with the towel. It feels all lovely. When I was nearly dry, I did a little dance to show Flora and Hugo just how happy a day I was having.

And then! There was a knock at the door and it was Nanny!!! She had brought special treats for us because it is my birthday and she had brought cake for Mummy and Jacob and Sophie. I ate my treats quickly then snuggled up on the sofa between Mummy and Sophie and had a snooze whilst the people did the talking stuff.

Mummy says that I will be getting a very special tea tonight too and keeps giving me lots of cuddles and sighing about what a tiny cute puppy I was.

I think birthdays are even better than visiting the food and toy smelling shop!

"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..............."

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Been of a bit a rollercoaster of a day today!

I was not happy that Flora was allowed out to play with all the toys this morning and I had to be shut in her crate  :o(  Mummy said that it was because I keep making her play all the time and she should still be resting lots after the hopperayshun. Hmph. Doesn't sound right to me but while she was out playing with MY toys I snuggled up in her verrrrrrrrrrry comfy crate and chewed on her yummy nylabone. So there.

When she went back in her crate, I tried to sit on the sofa and have a sulk but I can't even do that in peace! There was I, sulking my best sulk, when Mummy came in with the camera and started taking photos of me. Just to add insult to injury, the flippin' puppy jumped up next to me and started barking at me in a vain attempt to get me to play. I wasn't gonna play, I was far too busy sulking.

This afternoon was brill!! Mummy took me out in the car all by myself - no kids, no other dogs, just me and Mummy. I like going in the car. The special bit in the back for us dogs is dead comfy with a big squishy bed in it.

When Mummy got me out of the car we went into a great big shop. It was FANTASTIC!! It smelled like food and toys and food and food and toys and food and toys and food and food...... and I just sniffsniffsniffed at everything! Mummy squeaked some toys at me and I got all excited and did a little dance right in the middle of the shop  :o)  Lots of people made a fuss of me and told me how handsome I was. I smiled at them and licked their hands. They seemed to like that because they usually shared the lick with their trousers! Mummy put lots of yummy smelling things in the basket and I was just a very happy boy. She asked me if I wanted rabbit for tea and I said "yes please!!" because I had seen a rabbit in the shop that looked like this.....

Very yummy looking, eh?  ;o)  Anyway, she did not put a bouncing rabbit with great big ears in the basket, but a very cold block of something brown. Blah. Borrrrring.

When we went to pay the man, he gave me some treats for being a very handsome boy. Well, I don't like to brag, but..............  :oD  I wasn't very happy at being taken out of the excellent shop but when I got in the car Mummy gave me one of the yummy smelling treats so I decided to not lodge too much of an objection.

We drove slowly through lots of cars on the way home, but then the car stopped and I realised that we were at the park!! Oooh I love the park. I usually  go the park in the afternoon with Mummy or when it's later with my mate, Cooper, but today it was a bit windy and rainy and so there weren't any other dogs to play with. Luckily, Mummy had remembered to bring my squeaky ball with her so I chased around after that until I was tired.

When we got home, Mummy put lots of things into the big pot that usually has yummy smelling hot stuff in it and what did I smell???? Rabbit!!!!!! Oooh it smelled so delicious that I drooled on the floor. I had to wait until it was cold enough for me to eat safely (that was about 2 years!) but when I did get it to eat.........ohhhhhhhh. It was like heaven in my mouth!! Yum!!

After filling my belly with delicious tea, I decided to have a little snooze on the bed next to where Mummy sits when she uses the computer. She laughed and got the camera out again. She says that really none of the dogs in this house are the right size for the bed. What's that all about then?
Me on the bed

Hugo on the bed

And then she kept the camera out and took some more photos of me. I was still not best impressed at having that thing in my face again....... I ignored her and pretended to sleep ;o)

Mummy keeps telling me that something exciting is happening tomorrow but, personally, I can't see what could top today! I hope it means that we're going back to that brill shop again!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Little Brothers Smell

When you are trying to have a little snooze, they bounce about in front of you and yapyapyapyap and jump on top of you and use you to climb on to the sofa or on to Mummy's lap and they race around everywhere and they just don't stop until you're dizzy!!!

And they smell  >:o(

(Note from Flora: Hahahahahaha! Now you know what I had to put up with when you arrived, you great big lummox!)

We had some very very very exciting news today as well. My mate Muppet (fellow norty puppy  ;o) ) is a bit special and goes to lots of dog shows because he is very posh. Today Muppet went to one of his dog shows and won a prize that means that next year he gets to go to Crufts with all of the VERY posh dogs to try and win a VERY posh prize!! Isn't that amazing?? He is only a little dog!