Sunday, 3 May 2009

Little Brothers Smell

When you are trying to have a little snooze, they bounce about in front of you and yapyapyapyap and jump on top of you and use you to climb on to the sofa or on to Mummy's lap and they race around everywhere and they just don't stop until you're dizzy!!!

And they smell  >:o(

(Note from Flora: Hahahahahaha! Now you know what I had to put up with when you arrived, you great big lummox!)

We had some very very very exciting news today as well. My mate Muppet (fellow norty puppy  ;o) ) is a bit special and goes to lots of dog shows because he is very posh. Today Muppet went to one of his dog shows and won a prize that means that next year he gets to go to Crufts with all of the VERY posh dogs to try and win a VERY posh prize!! Isn't that amazing?? He is only a little dog! 

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