Sunday, 17 May 2009

Ahhhh..... Saturdays......

I did something new today!!

I went out in the car with Mummy and she said we were going to get fuel for the car. So we went to the place we normally go to get the fuel. As usual, she got out of the car, put the thing into the hole on the side of the car and blew kisses to me, then went in the shop to pay the lady.

Then she got back into the car and we headed home.

But we didn't go home!

Instead we drove into this reallllllllllllllllllllllly strange place. It was like a giant see through plastic room with these great big red fluffy things. Then it made a funny noise like "kerchunk" and the big red fluffy things started moving towards us! I shouted and shouted at them to get away from my car but they just kept coming and then they went "swooshswooshswooshswoosh" and went all over the car and left bubbles on the window!!! The big red things came right over the car and down the window by my bit of the car. By then, I knew that they weren't going to hurt us so I just sat and watched them. When they came back up over the windows, they washed all the bubbles away but kept making the "swooshswooshswooshswoosh" noise.

And then the noises stopped and Mummy drove the car home.

When we got home and I got out of the car, it was all sparkly and shiny!! How very odd!!

I told Flora and Hugo all about the strange machine and they laughed at me! Humph.

Everybody went out for a bit this afternoon because Hugo had to go to the vets again about his cough, but when they came back Mummy took me to the park and Pauline and Cooper and a little boy who was staying with them.

Me and Cooper did running and running and running and running all over the wet grass and we rolled and rolled and Cooper had a great new harness thing on his back so when we wrestled I could grab him by it and we found some plastic bottles to play with and we did more running and running and running and then I was very tired so Mummy took me home.

And I fell fast asleep......