Monday, 1 December 2008

Hide the treat

When my mum went shopping with Sophie and Auntie Wendy last week, she bought a very special present for me and Flora to share. It was supposed to train our brains. So far, I've managed to convince her that I am a Very Clever Puppy so she thought that this toy would be nice for me to play with.

Well I don't like it!

What sort of a stupid game would have your mum showing you a yummy smelly treat and then hiding it from you never to be seen again??! How is that fun??

And Flora just laughs at me because she thinks it's easy-peasy :o( She's even got to play with the Other Side which is even harder and is so hard that Mummy won't even let me try it. Good! I don't want to try it because it's a stupid game!

This is what the stupid game looks like...

Flora gets all excited just when she sees the box! She's just a show off.

On one side the yummy smelly treats get hidden under pegs. Torture, I tell you, torture!

On the other side it has slidey things which have more yummy smelly treats hidden under them.

Mummy took some videos of us on her mobile phone this morning (so the pictures are a bit rubbish!) to show how we play with it. Flora got lots of "good girl"s but I just got lots of laughing and even Flora was laughing at me from the crate!

So that was Flora's "brilliant" attempts. She is quite fast isn't she? For a bulldozer anyway!

Here are my goes - I will go and hide my head under a blanket now. Don't laugh too loud!

Well did YOU see where the stupid yummy delicious treat went after it left Mummy's hand?? I couldn't find it at all! I thought i could still smell it but then I couldn't see it! See? I told you it was a stupid game.

Anyway, I got tired of listening to Flora laughing at me (there are another 4 videos of me trying to find the treat that Mummy has kindly not put up to "save my dignity") so Mummy let her out of the crate and she found the treat straight away! Do you think it might be some sort of magic that they don't tell little boy dogs about? She can remove all 7 pegs - one after the other - AND eat the treats in just 20 seconds!! That is quite impressive isn't it? I couldn't find even one treat in 7 minutes!

Stupid game...

Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Shame!!

My mother is horrid :o(

We went to my nanny's house on Friday and there was lots of dressing up going on. Jacob and Sophie and Georgie were putting lots of different clothes on and kept putting strange things on their heads.

So my mum decided that it would be a great idea to put strange things on mine and Flora's heads >:o(

Don't I look like a plank??? I *may* have got Flora to look up the number for the RSPCA - just in case.....
And this all came after she'd been telling me what a veryveryvery good boy I am because I have stopped weeing in the house! This is after I've been good! Just think what she would have done if I'd been naughty. She might have dressed me up like my mate Muppet's mum did to him....!